Website Accessibility

Introduction aims to provide a clear and effective user experience for all, including individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. To this end we have optimized the site to enable ease of use for people with disabilities, to the full extent possible.

The accessibility adjustments follow the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (IS 5568) for Accessible Internet Content at Level AA and the international WCAG2.0 document.

Website Accessibility

  • Switch to “keyboard navigation” mode with easy identification of the focused area
  • Change the colour contrast.
    Stop movement of text and images to reduce overload and distractions.
  • Highlight links (activated upon colour contrast change)
  • Change text and background colour for visual impairment sight and colour blinds (activated upon colour contrast change)
  • Textual description of images and icons for assistive technologies
  • Accessible menus, forms, headline hierarchy, tabs, popups and more
  • Change the font & size
    Site Map for easy and fast access to the various site pages
  • Accessibility Declaration with explanation of compatibility, gaps and responsible accessibility
  • Adjustment of accessibility is examined by means of various agreements and devices, and included the use of assistance technologies type (NVDA).

Using the accessibility features

The accessibility features are constantly active and ready to be used by clicking on the accessibility icon which is present at the bottom right of every page.

Using a keyboard

  • Navigate the accessibility features using a keyboard is by using the tabs  key
  • Change font size is made using the keyboard:
  • Increasing font size use CTRL +,,
  • Reducing font size use CTRL –

Browsers compatibility

The site was tested in browsers: Chrome (Google Chrome) and Mazila Firefox (Mozila Firefox) in their last versions.

Accessibility Arrangements At Logos

We make every effort to ensure the hotel’s accessibility for all of our guests.
The following accessibility arrangements are available at Logos Hotel:

Disabled Parking:

  • The hotel has 3 disabled parking spaces with no hight limit and they are located about 30 meters from the entrance to the hotel.

Logos Reception:

  • The reception main entrance has two adjacent doors 80cm each. The left door has wheelchair access.
  • The front desk has a low accessible shelf.
  • The front desk has assistive technology for guests with hearing impairments.

Hotel Restaurant:

  • The Hotel Dining Room is accessible, there are several arm-chairs. And you can contact one of our waiters for any assistance you may need.

Public Toilets:

  • Public toilets are located on the right hand side of the restaurant entrance, Both women’s and men’s toilets has accessible toilets booth.

Accessible Rooms:

  • The hotel has 3 accessible rooms. a hearing impaired audio kit can be obtained at the front desk.
  • Rooms B6 and B7 Are located near the disabled parking spaces and 35 meters from the reception.
  • The rooms’ front and restroom doors are 80cm wide and open outwardly.
  • The shower has an adjustable accessibility chair located under the sink.
  • Room 501 – Is a Superior room located in the new hotel wing.and is 45 meters away from the reception. Use the elevator to floor 0, the room is on the left.
  • The front and toilet doors are 90cm wide and open inwardly.
  • In the three  Accessible bathrooms the showers have shower curtains


  • The elevator in the new superior hotel wing, has 110cm entrance opening and  is 200cm deep.
  • The elevator can be operated by voice recognition system as well as buttons with Braille tactile system.

Swimming Pool in Naveh Ilan:
(3 minutes drive away)

  • Free tickets to the pool in Neve Ilan are available to the Logos Hotel guests and can obtain in reception. The pool is heated and accessible.


  • Pets are generally not allowed in the hotel except for disabled owners


Despite our efforts to apply accessibility on every webpage, it may be discovered that some of the webpages are not accessible or are not suitable for any available accessibility solution.

We are continuing the efforts to improve the website’s accessibility to the full extent possible. However if you encounter a problem navigating our site we would appreciate it if you could let us know.


Accessibility Coordinator

Tzuriel Bar-David

We will be happy to answer any question you may have

Tel: 025342002
Fax: 025343959